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Height: 183mm
OD/Width Max: 94mm
OD/Width Min: 94mm
Thread: M24x1.5

ERF 25R3; 31R4(Rolls-Royce Eagle 220, 265 Engine), 35R2(Rolls-Royce 220 Engine), 35R2; 36R2; 38R4; 40R2(Rolls-Royce 265L, 290L Engine), 36R2(Rolls-Royce Eagle 265 Engine), 38R2(Rolls-Royce Eagle 220, 265 Engine), 38R2(Rolls-Royce Eagle 290L Engine), 40R2(Rolls-Royce Eagle 265L, 290L Engine), A Series 64R 205; 64R 220; 66R 205; 66R 220; 66R 260; 66R 265T; 66R 270T(Rolls Royce 205, 220, 260, 260T Engine), A Series 64R 205; 64R 220; 66R 206; 66R 220; 66R 260; 66R 265T; 66R 270T(Rolls Royce 265T Engine), A Series LAR 340; MCR 340; MGR 340(Rolls Royce 220 Eagle Engine), B Series 25R 3; 31R 4; 35R 2(Rolls Royce 220 Engine), B Series 31R 4(Rolls Royce 265 MK111 Engine), B Series 35R 2LT; 38R 2(Rolls Royce 265L Engine), B Series 36R 2 Cab Type SP 3(Rolls Royce 265 Engine), B Series 38R 2(Rolls Royce 280 Engine), B Series 38R 2; 40R 2(Rolls Royce 290L Engine), B Series 40R 2(Rolls Royce 265L Engine), C31R 4(Rolls Royce 265 Engine), C35R 2(Rolls Royce 220 Engine), C35R 2; C36R 2; C38R 2; C40R 2(Rolls Royce 265L, 290L Engine), C38R 4(Rolls Royce 265 Engine), E Series(Perkins TX 400 Engine), E Series(Perkins TX300, TX325, TX375 Engine), E Series(Rolls Royce 300Li Turbo Engine), E Series E 12.26ST(Rolls Royce 265Li Turbo Engine), E Series E 12.34DT; E 12.34ST; E 12.34TT(Rolls Royce 340Li Turbo Engine), E10-26R; E12-26ST; E12-30ST; -TT; E12-34DT;-ST;-TT(Rolls-Royce 265 Engine), EC Series(Perkins TX335 Turbo Intercooled Engine), EC Series 12.33MT; 12.33PT; 12.33ST; 12.33TT; 12.37DT; 12.37MT; 12.37RT; 12.37ST; 12.37TT; 12.40DT; 12.40MT; 12.40RT; 12.40ST; 12.40TT(Perkins TX335, TX375, TX400 Engine),

Foden 3335, Fleetmaster AR 27/38; AR 29/38; AR 29/40(Rolls Royce 265, 290 Eagle Mk III Engine), Haulmaster RR 27/30; RR 29/30(Rolls Royce 265, 290 Eagle Mk III Engine), S104; S 106; S 108(Perkins 300TX, 325TX, 350TX, 375TX Engine), S104; S 106; S 108(Rolls Royce 220, 265, 290, 305, 320L Engine), S104; S 106; S 108(Rolls Royce 325LE, 350LE Engine)

Ingersoll Rand DRR365; DR600; DRR600(Rolls Royce C4NFL, C6NFL Engine),

Leyland Daf BL Big J4T(Rolls-Royce 265 Engine), Big J8(Rolls-Royce 205 Engine), City(Rolls Royce 180L Engine), Constructor 8(Perkins Eagle 800-265 LE-S, 800-300 LE Engine), Constructor 8(Rolls Royce 220, 265L, 265Li Engine), Constructor S26; Constructor 30.19; Constructor 30.25(Rolls-Royce 265L,-Li Engine),

Perkins 12HD Heavy Duty 610T 12 Cyl 610bhp Turbo, 3008-TAG1; 3008-TAG2; 3008-TAG3; 3012-TAG1; 3012-TAG2; 3012-TWG1; 3012-TWG2, 8HD Heavy Duty 400T 8 Cyl 400bhp Turbo, C6.220; C6.305; C6.350, Condor CV12, Condor CV8, Eagle 800 Series 265T; 300T; 350TI, PRR350; PRR415; PRR450S(CV8 Series Engine), PRR460; PRR505; PRR575; PRR625; PRR665; PRR750S(CV12 Series Engine)

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